Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers

Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Step-by-Step ....

Watching my creative process

Would you like to see how I make my bears? I've just added a Step-by-Step page that shows me making these polar bears. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Open letter to the person who sent me a hateful email:

 UPDATE (Jan 9, 2013) ... note to all "animal rights activists" who have decided to target me and torment me with your own personal email views of the work that I have chosen to do with old vintage furs. AS SOON AS I SEE THAT THE EMAIL IS FROM AN ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST WHO IS TELLING ME THAT I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON FOR TRANSFORMING THESE OLD VINTAGE FURS INTO TEDDY BEARS I WILL IMMEDIATELY DELETE AND BLOCK YOUR EMAIL!  Stop tormenting me with your views and focus your hate on the NEW fur industry and NOT on individual artists who choose to use OLD furs. I WILL NOT READ YOUR EMAILS SO DO NOT BOTHER SENDING ME YOUR  OPINIONS.

 I couldn't believe that I got this email  ...  and just 2 days before Christmas! This email was sent though my website contact page ... so I know all the information about my background was there for her to see ... but instead this person chose to attack my work. Read it for  yourself:


gracie wagg


What about leaving the fur on the minks instead of profiting from such a cruel industry! So very sad and DISGUSTING!

Whoa!!!!  Seriously ... who takes the time to send this horrible email to someone about their work??? 

This was my answer to Gracie:

Well, Gracie, if you had bothered to read about my work (work that I have been 
nationally and internationally recognized for over the past 24 years) ... you 
would have found out that I have been a vegetarian for my entire adult life. You 
would have found out that I have supported many animal rescue organizations, 
such as the reintroduction of wolves into the wild. And I have supported various 
dog rescue organizations for decades. I do NOT use NEW mink pelts!!! I only use 
VINTAGE mink stoles that are typically from the 1940s through the 1960s. These 
are furs that are sitting in the backs of closets because they used to belong to 
Mom or Grandma. So apparently you think that it is better that these furs are 
tossed into the trash to add to our over-filled landfills???  rather than have 
me use my skills to turn these old mink stoles into beautiful heirloom teddy 
bears and other animals that many times become loving mementos of Mom or Grandma 
to be shared with children, grandchilden and even great-grandchildren. I create 
these little works of mink "art" that already have a family history and are 
destined to be loved and treasured for many generations to come. I have always 
felt that the spirit of the creature that was sacrificed for fashion is still in 
the pelt and that "spirit" remains with the pelt as it becomes a teddy bear that 
is "adopted" into the loving homes of my collectors. 
I found your email to me to be ignorant and rude. I thought of reminding you of 
the old saying: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at 
all." But while this is a nice sentiment, and many people live by it. I doubt 
that you could be bothered with such as simple and kind thought since you never 
bothered to take the time to read about my work ... but you did take the time to 
send me a rude email. Sadly the reality is that people who don't have anything 
nice to say don't really care about morals, being understanding of other people, 
or caring about other people's feelings. So it's wasted breath to suggest this 
to them. I hope that you are not one of these people but for you to take the 
time to send me an unkind email just 2 days before Christmas has not impressed 
me very favorably. I think if we want to see an improvement in our society it is 
much better to be kind to one another. From now on, Gracie, I suggest that until 
you are sure of all of the facts it is best to keep your opinions to yourself. 
Merry Christmas~ Kathy Myers 

Well, for some reason this Gracie person has decided to continue to torment me with her 
high and mighty opinions by email. Lucky me. Of course, I'm blocking her from my email.
 I guess she has nothing better to do than to seek out complete strangers to try to 
make their lives a living hell with her endlessly long emails about the cruelty to long dead 
animal pelts. Obviously her email ID says it all "Crazy Gracie". 

She also accused me of being a "Cyber Bully" by listing her name and email on this post. 
Of course, since she is a REAL Cyber Bully I have gladly blocked part of her email address
 since she fears that some of my collectors might actually try to contact her (I doubt that 
anyone I know would waste their time contacting an obvious nut case). But I have left her 
name and part of her email because I would not be surprised if she also started 
sending hateful emails to anyone who collects real fur teddy bears. 
So this is a warning to my collectors: if you receive any emails from this Gracie person 
just DELETE them without reading them ... her emails are just filled with hateful words. 

Yes ... ANOTHER update (Jan 9, 2013):
Oh my gosh !!! I've become a TARGET ! I've just received another email, obviously 
from one of Crazy Gracie's friends. This one WANTED me to post her email
on my blog because she WANTS my collectors to contact her ... apparently 
to tell you what horrible people you are for collecting my work. I've deleted
and blocked her email.

 Another warning to my collectors:  now others have 
joined Crazy Gracie to torment me. I'm sure this must meet the definition of 
Cyber Bullying ... and they think they are such "good people" because
they love animals ... too bad they do not have the same respect for people
who do not want to engage them in discussion. 

To all "animal rights activists"  : LEAVE ME ALONE ... STOP EMAILING ME !!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Online Show Dec 8 ... coming soon!

Next weekend, Dec 8 and 9, 

is the Who is Who in Bear Making online Teddy Bear show.

 Please mark your calendar ... I will be sending out reminder emails this week.

This week before the show you can vote for your favorite artist creation. The piece that I submitted was my FIRST Baby Mink Dragon. Yes, it is available for creation in the show. If you are not a dragon-lover I also created one of my large mink teddy bears that will also be available for adoption in this show. Sorry, I only had time to create these two for the show but they are both very special !!!

Please go to the show website to vote and to see a photo of my dragon:

On my worktable: 

Sorry, my blog has been very quiet lately because I have been busy working on Custom Orders that I promised before Christmas. 

Of course, as luck would have it, just when I am working on "deadlines" we have had a respiratory virus that has been taking turns with each member of my family (including me). So that got me off schedule and I'm running a bit behind. But this is one of the Custom Orders that I have just completed... a family of 4-12 inch teddies, created from two family heirloom mink stoles.

Friday, November 16, 2012

On my work table ...

 I have been sewing and creating everyday! But regardless of all the activity in front of me I have not posted anything for awhile. First, because I have been working on some special One Of A Kind creations for this upcoming online show:

I will be sending everyone on my Mailing List  show reminder emails soon. I have two very special creations for this show.

Happy Holidays!  I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner. I have several Custom Order requests from collectors that have sent me their minks to create Christmas teddies for them. Currently I have a family of 4 12-inch teddies on my work table:

I am working up to 18 hour days, 7 days a week. Making each teddy is very time consuming because of all of the detailed hand work. Wish me luck in getting all of my Christmas Orders completed in time for Christmas. I will be sharing each completed order here on my Blog.

Available for immediate Adoption

I have another Panda Mouse (#3515) available for immediate adoption.

I will be sending email "adoption invitations" to the collectors on my Panda Mouse Waiting List ... and the collectors on my "Everything I Make" List. (If the Panda Mouse is not adopted then a notice will be sent to all of my collectors on my General Mailing List)

For details on this Panda Mouse and Adoption... please go to my 

Monday, October 29, 2012

My husband, Mike ....

I rarely post anything personal on this blog but I am very proud of my husband and the company he works for has given him some recognition for his exemplary service to our Country. My husband, Michael Myers (yeah, that name gets him attention), came home from the Vietnam War with a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star ... he, of course, is my "Everyday Hero, but this article explains why he has also been recognized as a Real Hero.

Here is the direct link to the article ... or you can go to the Fletcher Jones Motorcars website and click their Facebook logo ("f")  in the top left corner.

I also have the article on my FaceBook timeline:!/MinkBears

Monday, October 22, 2012

Panda Mouse ...

created by Special Request.

This Panda Mouse was created by Special Request for a long-time collector. She asked if I could have it finished before October 25 ... well, I just finished it today (Oct. 22) ... so that's cutting it pretty close but at least I finished it before the 25th.

 Of course, if this collector should change her mind about adopting this Panda Mouse I will then send out Adoption Invitations to the other collectors on my Panda Mouse Waiting List.

To see more photos of this Panda Mouse .... Panda Mouse 3514  Photo Album

For detail on this Panda Mouse, please go to my Adoption Website (Waiting List page)

Friday, October 19, 2012

On my work table .... and 2 thank you notes

What am I working on now?

My very first mink baby dragon!

I've been wanting to create a baby dragon in mink for years, so I decided that since I was going to design something new and special for the upcoming Who is Who in Bearmaking online show (Dec 8 and 9) ... why not a dragon!

When I pick up a block of clay to play with it usually turns into a dragon without much thought ... I think dragons are just living in my brain. (To see my sculpted dragons, see the link to my "Next stop Fantasyland" page). But I thought I'd create my first attempt at a mink baby dragon the same way ... with no preliminary sketches ... just start cutting, sewing. and stuffing. This is what I have so far: 

  As you can see I've given it hand-painted glass eyes and I'm playing with ultrasuede and leather and paint. It isn't nearly finished ... this is just what I've created so far. Since I had no preconceived ideas about what the dragon was going to look like, I am pleasantly surprised and delighted with the baby dragon ... so far.

To see the finished baby dragon ... and to adopt it if you like it ... you will need to attend the December Online Show, so be sure to mark your calendar. If you are on my General Mailing list I will be sending out Show Reminder emails.

Thank you, Randi 

Now I want to thank my very talented friend Randi Taylor for the wonderful gift that she sent me ... A Happy Love Bug:

Randi Taylor is one of the pioneer polymer clay artists. Randi has been a professional Polymer Clay Artist since 1976 !!! I have been nagging her to start a website of her work for years ... I'm still waiting for that to happen. But I did  help her set up a Blog:
... now I'm just waiting for her to post photos to it. She keeps promising me "soon, I'll do it soon". Until then I'll just keep nagging her.

Panda Mouse published

I love my Panda Mice so I am thrilled to see it on the pages of the current issue of Teddy Bear and Friends (December 2012). Panda Mouse is part of a Christmas article (page 31). Thanks to TB&F and author Stephanie Finnegan for always supporting my work.

this is not the photo that was published, this is another version.

Monday, October 15, 2012

First Husky-mix puppy

Introducing my first Husky-mix puppy ... it even has a tail that you can curl.

To see more photos of this puppy, please go to : Puppy Photo Album

To see the details about this puppy, please go to my Adoption Website

Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Puppy Design

My first Malamute mix mink puppy ...

was created by Special Request by a collector to resemble her beloved dog Juno.

This puppy has handpainted brown eyes and handpainted markings. I also handpainted the nose and gave it an open mouth. I used a beautiful silver mink.

To see all of the photos please go to Photo Album for Puppy 3512

For details on this puppy please go to my Adoption Website (Waiting List page)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another puppy ...

Silver Puppy

I am pleased to introduce another puppy. This beautiful puppy was created from a vintage silver mink. It is such a light color that it actually blended in with the white blaze that I added on to the muzzle ... I could barely see the difference in colors. The mink is wonderfully dense and full.

I will be offering this puppy to a collector on my Puppy Waiting List.

To see more photos please go to Puppy Photo Album

To see Adoption Details please go to my Adoption Website (Waiting List page).

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mink Puppy

Mink Puppy Available for Adoption

I am making more puppies!

I will be offering them to the collectors on my  Puppy Adoption Waiting List (either individually or to the group) when they are available.

To see all the photos of this puppy please go to Puppy Photo Album
To see details for adoption please go to my Adoption Website (Waiting List page)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Custom Mink Puppy

Custom Order

This wonderful puppy is a custom-made order for a collector from her mink scraps that remained from her beautiful Mother Daughter Polar Bear order. It is a lovely mink and I was pleased to make something else from it.

More photos: Custom Puppy Photo Album

Happy Sweetheart Panda

Special Request: Happy Sweetheart Panda

This was created by Special Request for a collector: a panda with an open mouth, a heart blaze, a black leather bowtie, and a beaded heart on  a paw pad.

Because of space limitations I had to put the heart on the panda's tummy but it created a very unique panda.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Introducing ... "Panda Mouse"

Panda Mouse

I am absolutely thrilled to finally introduce my newest original creation to all of my collectors ... my "Panda Mouse".

I wanted to create something very special to celebrate having made 3,500 bears and other animals since I became a full time Teddy Bear Artist 24 years ago. So I combined my two favorite patterns, my panda and my mouse, into one fantasy creature ... a Panda Mouse.

At this point in time I have brought 6 Panda mice "to life" with vintage mink and leather and even  without announcing it's creation all (but one) have already found homes with my most dedicated collectors. To see which one is still available please go to my Adoption Website.