Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers

Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers
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Monday, September 5, 2016

Temporary hiatus ...

I may as well admit it ... I keep trying to do it all: sewing and preparing for my daughter's wedding but her wedding is definitely my priority. She has given me the task of making her wedding signs! This is a task that I take seriously since it gives me a new outlet to put my Art Degree to work.

So far, so good. She is happy with the signs that I have finished so far. But she has requested several more for me to make.

So to my collectors and those patiently waiting for me to start on your Custom Teddy ... thank you! I'm pretty sure that my September will be busy with wedding preparations and very little teddy sewing. Next month, after the wedding, my work schedule should get back on track.