Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers

Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers
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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Custom Order #10

Work in Progress

This is Custom Order #10 from my Work Schedule
For Brenda ...
Requested one teddy using Pattern #2 using her light brown mink stole.

I have the body finished !

I am often asked how many teddies I can make from a typical mink stole. Brenda's order is a good example because she sent me a typical mink stole ... the answer is two teddies. I am making my almost 12 inch teddy and because I only needed to make one teddy I used a bit more mink than I usually do because I was able to choose from the best parts of the pelts (with the longest and fluffiest fur). This is what remains of Brenda's mink stole after cutting out her teddy.

UPDATE: Monday Feb. 6, 2017

Brenda's Teddy is finished ... just needs a little final detailing before its photo shoot. It is raining today and it is suppose to rain tomorrow too. (I use natural light in my photos). Which brings me to Wednesday. Fingers crossed that we will be enjoying our typical SoCal sunshine on Wednesday so I can do my Teddy Bear photo shoot.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Custom Order #9

For Dawn ... three teddies:

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