Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers

Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Special Request Order ... on my worktable

I'm very busy working on a Special Request Order. This is a Happy Anniversary Panda couple. Not only are the pandas smiling but it also includes flower garlands for the female panda and a black bow tie for the male panda. I will also be sculpting fortune cookies that will have special fortunes. This couple will soon become a family with 3 more pandas to represent their adult children... this will be a very happy family when compete.

This panda family will be living in Singapore but I will have the great pleasure of delivering these pandas in person since my collector will be visiting SoCal the beginning of next month. What a treat for me!!!

I have just agreed to be a part of the "Who is Who in Bear Making" online teddy bear show in December .... please mark your calendar ....

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our newest family member, Tenley

I rarely post anything personal but this is a follow-up post for those of you who so kindly sent condolences after reading my July 2  post about having to say goodbye to our beloved dog Mika.

We have welcomed into our home another rescue. My daughter has named her Tenley. She is a "Chiwinnie" (a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix). She was only about 4 months old when we adopted her. Tenley fits into our home perfectly. She adores my daughter.  She is very smart and learns fast. She leaves Tawnie, our 17 year old blind and almost deaf miniature poodle, alone ... most of the time. And she has taught Watson, our 4 year old Manchester Terrier, how to play!!! No, he didn't know how to play with other dogs because we rescued him as a puppy and brought him into a house with two senior dogs. Now Tenley and Watson run and play all day and into the night. Here is a photo of them resting between their rough-housing.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ayita and Dichali (Mouse Couple)

Thanks to Gabriele Joy of "Gjoyful Bears" for sending and sharing photos of your two adopted mink mice, Ayita and Dichali, who look like a very happy couple!

The brown mouse is Dichali and was adopted a few months ago. The white mouse is Ayita and a surprise companion for Dichali  and a birthday gift for Gabriele. I am pretty sure that Dichali is pleased  ... I know for sure that Gabriele is happy. Thanks, Gabriele, for the great photos which just prove that my little mice are happiest when they are in a mouse family!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Artist Profile

After 24 years as a full-time Teddy Bear Artist I was thrilled to finally have Teddy Bear Times "discover" my mink creations and honor me by including my Artist Profile in their 200th birthday issue (Aug/Sept 2012). The article on my work is on pages 6 and 7 and titled "An artist's new take on old furs" ... I like it!!!

I will also include this article on my Artist Biography page ....