Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers

Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers
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Thursday, May 28, 2015

WIP Panda

Work In Progress
As stated in my last post
I am making a One Of A Kind Panda
in celebration of my daughter's recent graduation
where she earned her Master of Social Work 

Sorry ... I was going to post this panda for adoption but I 
forgot that I had promised Deb the next panda that I made ...

This Panda is on HOLD for Deb
She has already named the panda "Louie"

This panda will have some new and unique features:

The eyes are glass that I assembled and painted myself,
so they are one of a kind eyes.

I have never made these paw pads before because I knew they would be
time consuming (I don't enjoy needle felting, so I may never make them again).
The paw pads are wool, needle felted, waxed (and I will probably seal them).

I am making something special for the panda to hold or wear:
A koi (fish) in a pocket watch

I sculpted it myself

I hand painted it

This is actually my newest hobby and hand therapy ...
making koi in vintage pocket watch bodies

These are my first attempts at making koi in pocket watches. They are hanging next to my work table.

My hands can cramp and become painful after many hours of bear making
I find that kneading and sculpting with clay is great exercise for my hands
and a wonderful creative outlet for my imagination.

This came about quite naturally after recent outing at my local Antique Market where I came home with some broken pocket watches. As soon as I saw the watches I immediately knew that I had to sculpt koi in them. We used to have koi as pets that lived in a giant tank in our "dining room". So I spent many happy years watching them swim in our house.

I had almost forgotten how much I loved to sculpt until I started taking classes with my friend, Kathy Davis, who is one of my favorite artists and a great teacher. (I posted the projects I made in her classes on my "Next Stop FantasyLand" page ... see link above or in right-side column. I also have more Koi photos and details on that page)

Now when my hands start to hurt I just take out some polymer clay and let my imagination soar.