Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers

Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Panda Family

Here are photos of the Special Request "Happy Panda Family" that I created for Patricia, for her Wedding Anniversary.

To see more photos of these pandas :

(there are lots and lots of photos of this panda family in my album)

I spent my first 10 or 15 years as a Teddy Bear Artist doing Teddy Bear Shows which gave me the wonderful opportunity to get to know most of my collectors personally. Now that my business is strictly online I am enjoying a global  audience. Now my communication to most of my collectors in by email, which I enjoy, but I do miss talking to my collectors in person. 

While Pat did not come half way across the world (from Singapore) just to pick up her "Happy Panda Family" we did have a few hours of getting to know each other better while she was here in SoCal.  I delivered her pandas to her personally. She and her charming husband were staying at the beautiful Montage Hotel which is right on the beach in Laguna Beach. I've passed that hotel many times as I've driven down the coast so it was fun to finally walk inside this 5-star hotel.

 Yes, Pat was very pleased with with her Happy Pandas! And I have to say that Pat is so much fun to spent time with ... as you can see she had me smiling and laughing our entire visit. This lady has charisma!!!

A big Thank You to our two wonderful husbands for being Teddy Bear Husbands. My handsome  hubby is the one with the hat. Pat's husband was beyond charming and was a wealth of information on just about every subject ... we had a wonderful conversation on kitchen design and he knew some great recipes that I couldn't wait to go home and try.

I was hard to say farewell but it was such a wonderful treat for me to meet Patricia and Jonathan.

 This is just one of the amazing views from the hotel.

I'm a native SoCal Girl (Southern Californian) and I love where I live !