Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers

Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers
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Friday, October 9, 2015

WIP ... Halloween Mouse coming soon ...

I just couldn't let Halloween pass by without offering a fun creation with a Halloween theme.
In the past I've offered a Halloween teddy and polar bear ... and, of course, a cat.
I don't think I've ever offered a Halloween mouse.

This mink collar is a recent find from my local monthly Antique Mart. I love the color!
If you look at the tips of the collar you may see that the hairs are shorter and denser.
That is why I decided to use that part of the collar to create a mouse ....
WIP Halloween mouse #1:
This is my WIP mouse from the above collar ...

I've decided to make another mouse after I've finished this one because I know that this one will find a home very very quickly. Both mice will have Halloween themes and I will offer each one for adoption on this blog ... I will send out email announcements to everyone on my General Email List.

Update (Oct 16):

I have this wonderful crosscut mink collar ...

WIP Halloween mouse #2:

Crosscut mink mouse almost finished!
WIP Halloween mouse #3:
Okay ... I love making my mice so much that I just had to make a third ...
this last Halloween mouse will be a gray mouse.

Watch my blog and your emails
for my 3 Halloween mice
that will soon be posted here
for adoption

Adoption fee for mice is $395 USD
The crosscut mink mouse will be a little more, $425 USD because it is definitely a One Of A Kind