Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers

Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New page added / update

Today's update:

I have just added a new page to my Blog: "Cashmere and Silk". This is the page where I will show my textile menagerie that I create from my collection of cashmere sweaters and silk neckties.

On my Next Stop Fantasyland page I have added photos of my miniature Garden Dragons ... to see them please go to the end of that page.

What am I working on now?
Currently I am working on Sweetheart Puppies. These are my mink puppies that will have a heart shaped chest blaze. I am making two puppies in time for Valentine's Day. I will be offering these puppies first to the collectors on my Puppy Waiting List. 

I have also started on Good Fortune Panda #4 and when that is completed I will offer it to the next collector on that Waiting List.

I was inspired to make Sweetheart Puppies because of these heart shaped pillows that I thought would be good display props for my puppies. 

Inspirations for future creations:
My inspirations often come from the props that I find for my teddies and other animals. Here are some recent boxes and props that I have found while out "treasure hunting":

This is a lovely travel case and a Love book that is waiting for a Travel Teddy
This is a Hug Me dish and a Bear Hugs book that is waiting for a Sweetheart Teddy
 This is a tin button box that is waiting for a button Baby Raccoon
 This is another cedar cigar box that is waiting for a Cigar Box Mouse
 This is a very pretty box that is waiting for one of my Good Fortune Pandas
 This is a wonderful wooden box ... waiting for a teddy?
I found this very pretty vintage tin in one of my favorite vintage shops ... waiting for a small teddy?
This is an absolutely beautiful silver woven basket ... it is waiting for a little Easter bunny.