Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers

Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers
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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Order 20 Completely finished ... finally!

 I had to look back through my older posts to see how long it took me to finish this order. I started it February 8, 2020. That was JUST before the pandemic locked my Southern California family down. I remember using my sewing machine to make lots of face masks (instead of teddies) in the first few months of the pandemic.

While this order of 8 teddies is one of my largest orders it is hard for me to believe that it took me over a year to complete ... until I remind myself that it was during the Pandemic Lockdown and we were focusing on more important things (like finding toilet paper to buy).

The first four teddies were delivered months ago ...  so here are the last four:

This is the very last teddy of Order 20.  This teddy is special because it is the 4000th teddy that I have completed since I started making teddies in 1988. 

Correction ... I was just sending out my Pay Pal invoice and I was listing the teddies and I saw that I miss numbered this last teddy. Well, that just goes to show you how unsettling this year has been for me. I apparently picked up the wrong numbered tag when I was sewing this teddy. Even though it is 300 teddies away from #4000 this teddy will forever be a miss numbered teddy in honor of the chaos that this year has been so far and 2021 will probably continue to be insane for the remainder of this year (at least until I can completely settle my friend's estate).

The lining of the mink coat had pretty velvet ribbon. The coat had beautiful buttons. So I combined the two to create lovely little collars. There was enough to make a collar for all eight teddies.

I used the part of the lining with the name to make a memory pad to display with one of the teddies. I added the pretty buckle that was part for the mink belt. This part of the lining had the pocket and so I left the pocket accessible so you can hide little treasures in the pocket.

There were 4 big buttons and 4 smaller buttons.

These are the other three teddies that I completed earlier:

As you can see each one has its own unique personality.

Each teddy has glass eyes and hand stitched nose. The pads are from the lining. There are 6 joints including a double jointed neck that allows for
 a darling head tilt when twisted ... it can also look either up or down with a twist. There is also wire in the limbs that can be gently bent to allow for special display movement.

Thank you, Donna, for your extreme patience. I hope these teddies were worth the wait and that you and your family will love and treasure them for many years.