Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers

Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers
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Monday, February 7, 2022

My world has turned upside down ...


Sorry, I have NOT purposely been ignoring my work emails ... I just have not had the time or the internet connections for this past year. 

With the sudden death of my best friend (on Feb 5, 2021) my life has changed drastically !!!!!!

I went from a world of making my mink custom teddy bears to: constant traveling, banks, investment bankers, plumbers, electricians, contractors. lawyers and so much more. I have spent the majority of this past year traveling back and forth to care for my best friend's cottage. It is in a lovely little artsy coastal town with spotty and sometimes no internet connection. I have spent very little time on the computer over the past year except for legal matters. My friend's estate will not be settled for at least one more year!

I have not had any time to work on any of my teddy bears for almost a year. I honestly don't know when I will find time to work on my teddies again. I am in the process of moving to that "artsy" little town with the spotty internet connection because it is so blissfully peaceful and beautiful. I am moving mostly all of my minks into storage along with most of my belongings. I have limited space in my best friend's hillside beach cottage so I have to drastically downsize. This is not how I had planned to retire but Life has other plans for me. 

This is not the only MAJOR life change for me and my family because my beautiful daughter is pregnant ... with TWINS. These will be my first grandchildren !!!!!!!!!! I am OVER-THE-MOON happy. I feel so very blessed. 

So what will become of my Teddy Bear Business? At this point I do not have a clue. At this moment all I know this that I have to stop updating my blog because I have to write checks to cover bills on my friend's estate then I have to go to several banks to deal with my friend's accounts that are now in Probate. It's never ending .......